Linda and her team deliver fully-tailored leadership programs and online courses ranging from a day’s workshop to fully-facilitated programs spanning several months. Within each module, clients can choose from a range of unique, dynamic and high-impact sessions; the following represent a small number of the modules available.



What drives you? Discover what drives, motivates and inspires you and reveal your true purpose and passion in life. Learn how to align your behavior and life choices with those things that truly matter. Trust: The most valuable commodity in business is trust. Learn how to empower your team to make courageous decisions, manage unpredictability and pursue ambitious goals. Resilience: When many of us are under pressure to deliver more—resilience is non-negotiable. Learn how to boost resilience, recover from setbacks, manage stress and thrive on challenge.


MODULE 2: emotionally connected

Emotion Drives Outcome: People will forget what you say and do, but they will never forget how you make them feel. Learn how to make those critical emotional connections and improve results. Multi-Sensory Awareness: Discover how to develop heightened observation, trust your gut instinct, spot verbal and non-verbal clues, and obtain greater insights into the complex world around you. How to influence: Learn how to fine tune your influencing skills, choose the right technique for different situations and cultures, and recognize when it is time to step aside and trust others.


MODULE 3: cultural dexterity

Filter Awareness: Discover how to recognize barriers to communication and understanding and achieve great success in every conversation. Cultural Intelligence: Leaders with intercultural management skills are in demand. Linda’s unique CQ Model teaches you how to embrace change, explore the power of observation, develop deep cultural respect, adapt your behavior, lead diverse teams, manage conflict and operate across cultures. How to Influence: Learn how to fine-tune your influencing approach, draw on the right technique for any scenario, adapt to different cultures and situations, and recognize when it’s time to get out of the way and entrust others to deliver.


MODULE 4: communication

THE POWER OF POSITIVE COMMUNICATION: It is estimated that we have over 400 touchpoints with people in any one day. Learn to lead with intention and care, achieve unbounded success and harness the power of your mind. COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS: Discover how to step out of your comfort zone, confront your fears, showcase your talents, challenge behavior, be the voice, and become a contributor to excellence. COMPASSIONATE DIRECTNESS: Words have the power to accomplish nearly anything and destroy nearly anything. Manage difficult conversations using an empathetic, compassionate and supportive approach.


MODULE 5: driving performance

THE art of storytelling: Storytelling can underpin brand, inspire others, change perceptions, capture passion, and bring business strategy to life. Learn how to become a compelling storyteller. race4good: Through Linda’s signature leadership program, accelerated change takes place as passionate, inspiring and courageous leaders race against each other for the chance to implement a business plan which will uplift a vulnerable community. be the change: Join Linda in a remote community on an immersive, ‘boots-on-the-ground’ frontline experience. Apply your innovation, intelligence and compassion to create a life-changing legacy.

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“Courageous Leadership was the most powerful leadership program I have ever taken!”

NK, GSK, Japan

“I came away from my Be The Change experience with not only a lifetime of memories but a sense of purpose, fulfilment and gratitude. An experience not to be missed!”

ER, Medical Sales, New Zealand

“It has been an absolutely real and transformative experience working with Linda and taking part in the Courageous Leadership program.”

AP, Pharmaceutical Industry, Indonesia

"Not many employers have the opportunity to tap into Linda’s unique leadership skills and insights. If you do – grab the opportunity without delay, your employees will forever thank you for it."
RT, Senior Healthcare Manager, UK

“I could probably write five pages about how amazing everyone on this journey was and how my life is forever changed by being part of the Race4Good.”


“Hearing Linda Cruse speak about her experiences on the frontline is both humbling and inspiring. Linda is a pragmatist, a visionary and a magician with a heart as big as a mountain. Listen to her speak. You’ll see what I mean. And you’ll realize that anything is possible!”

JC, Actor, UK