Student Frontline Trips

Real People  - Real Problems  - Real Change

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An experiential learning experience that positively & sustainably impacts a challenged community whilst developing a students’ personal growth and character and gives real-life value of service to academic studies and life.


R4G Frontline Trips develop internationally minded people who, recognising their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world. 

What’s different about R4G Frontline Trips

Frontline Trips are based on the insights, experience and philosophy of our Founder.

Based on Real Life Experience and Insight

Two decades of living and working on the frontline as an international  humanitarian aid worker,  our Founders frontline work has taken her to the far corners of the world and to some of the most challenging places on earth, from the deserts of the Sahara, to the snowy Himalayas and the Amazonian jungle.

No voluntourism, : we don't paint a school or dig a ditch. 

No white savourism, : we don't do projects just to make us feel good.

Frontline Trips facilitate high impact and sustainable projects based on the needs of the community.

The  community  connection and the model of uplift, ‘a hand up not a hand out’ has been developed and refined over 20 years. The goal to restore independence, self - esteem and dignity through sustainable livelihood recovery in the aftermath of  natural disasters such as tsunami, earthquakes, floods, and typhoons, or for vulnerable  communities in challenged and remote  areas.

"This was the trip of a lifetime for my daughter. Absolutely astounding what they were able to witness and so lovely that the girls threw themselves into it. An experience that will have a lasting impact on them all. Thank you so much for taking them and for all the hard work that went into it from Linda and her amazing team".

Parent, Redmaids' School Student: Nepal Trip

Students Innovation, critical and creative thinking skills used to help solve real life problems with immediate implementation and impact

The students are immersed in a vulnerable community where they are challenged to use their intelligence, innovation, problem solving, critical and creative thinking skills to analyse and take responsible action on complex problem, exercising initiative in making reasoned, ethical decisions.


Students develop their entrepreneurial and leadership skills by tackling real-life challenges facing the  community.    After extensive dialogue with the village leaders  livelihood recovery solutions and new business ideas are implemented before the students leave the village enabling those involved to appreciate the immediate impact of their empathy and understanding

Travel - a powerful tool of personal development.

Watch the students experience:

Race4Good Nepal : Redmaids High School UK

'A hand up not a hand out'

These Frontline Trips facilitate understanding and open mindedness through direct, personal interaction with communities; village elders, youth leaders, health workers, local  teachers & religious leaders. The participants develop a genuine understanding of cultural identity, tradition and problems and be able to critically evaluate the values and ideals of others in relation to their own.


This frontline experience opens a deep and real understanding of the UN SDG’s & a real dialogue of global challenges, from human trafficking to poverty.  

"Redmaids High School Alumna Linda Cruse perfectly embodies our school values and ethos. We need more global citizens with her drive, commitment and knowledge if we are to tackle international challenges relating to health, education and poverty. This is why we are delighted she’s working closely with us, running highly-educational, overseas humanitarian trips for our students. Together, we aim to develop the leaders of the future".

Isabel Tobias, Headmistress, Redmaids' High School

"I recently started my Master’s degree studying the anthropology of development and social transformation, after completing an undergraduate degree in anthropology. My interest in development and humanitarian aid has been hugely shaped by yourself and the things I learnt whilst on a Frontline experience in Nepal. Working alongside you demonstrated the many merits of humanitarian aid, as well as the ways that it can be improved upon by fully involving those we aim to help. This knowledge has followed me through to my Master's degree, providing me with a desire to improve the development sector by centring those in need, rather than ourselves, as you so wonderfully exemplify. The Frontline experience we shared was so inspirational and continues to inspire me now, years later!"

Hannah Godden former Redmaids' student

Community Led Service

The needs of the community  are the priority.

Ethical service is key to all FT activities. We partner with grass-root organisations and local teams.  The rights, dignity and autonomy of all those involved respected at all times.

Our aim is for students is to:

Get to know themselves

Immerse themselves in another culture

Experience extreme empathy

Step out of their comfort zone

Play a part in meaningful high impact service

Engage with issues of global significance

Gain a deep understanding of the ethics of choices and actions

See the benefits of working collaboratively.

Embrace meaningful reflection through challenges set before during and after

Leave a legacy

Have FUN

Who is it for?

Junior Frontline Experience  - Students 13 - 15 yrs

Senior Frontline Experience  - Students 16- 18yrs


For all schools who seek a genuine immersive high impact meaningful service experience. 

FT helps to achieve the goals of  IB - CAS trips, D of E and Outward Bound.