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Stay in the know about exciting Race4Good developments across the globe!

FOBISIAN November Issue: Foundation Race4Good

Read about FOBISIAN students experience with the Foundation Race4Good to help a Haitian family


FOBISIA Race4Good ITDM Journalism Competition Winners!

The winning entry of the 2021 FOBISIA R4G Journalism competition is from The British School in Tokyo.


New FOBISIA inter-school event takes off during lockdown

Andy Homden looks at a competition for international schools that simply would not have happened without lockdown, and seems destined to grow quickly.


How I Found a Way to Teach Life Skills in Lockdown

A teacher explains how his students found new skills amid Covid restrictions thanks to an innovative online competition.


Linda forms partnership with FOBISIA

Linda Cruse and the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) are delighted to announce a partnership, which will see Linda and her team leading a series of personal development programmes for students based in 76 member schools across 18 countries.


Pursue A Cause Greater Than Yourself: The Heart Of True Leadership

Margie Warrell explores the life-changing power of choosing service over status using Linda Cruse’s frontline career as the focus of her article.


FOBISIA Race4Good School League 2020: Lockdown Students are Changing the World

John Gwyn Jones, MBE, CEO of FOBISIA details how in just five weeks, six student teams from FOBISIA uplifted a community in a remote village in the High Himalayas.


20 MINUTE LEADERS: with Michael Matias

An interview exploring how Linda Cruse, frontline humanitarian, has been working for over two decades to tirelessly forge creative and sustainable economic solutions that empower and uplift vulnerable communities around the world.

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