Meeting Linda comes with a strong warning—audience members will be so inspired they may find themselves filled with a new-found energy, ready to leap over tall buildings!






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Marmalade and Machine Guns

A Life of Passion and Purpose: daring escapades of living life on the edge as a frontline humanitarian aid worker. Linda’s stories of adventure and misadventure, courage and care, take audiences from tears to laughter, inspiring them to do more, to think harder and to find their own passion and purpose, their own strengths of courage and leadership. The talk includes an 8-minute inspirational film shot on the frontline.

Be The Change – The Ultimate Power of One

Linda’s aim is to inspire others to do what they can do and to recognise the ‘ultimate power of one’. Linda recalls inspirational and emotional stories of unsung heroes from remote areas of the world; from mountains, deserts, nomadic tribes and from her own work with some of the greatest leaders, including the Dalai Lama. Stories which embed powerful, inspirational messages that drive personal and professional change. The talk can also include tips on getting involved (as individuals or through a company), volunteering and making a difference. A short film highlights Linda’s pioneering leadership programme, Be The Change. Also available as a workshop.

Call Me for the Next Disaster – What Draws Women to the Frontline?

How would you feel if your daughter declared she wanted to be an aid worker in a remote and dangerous part of the world? Would you be thrilled or horrified, would you think her courageous or crazy? Having taken this path, Linda has faced extreme challenges, flown into major disasters, been held by a rebel army, evaded rape and faced near death. In this talk, Linda shares her code for life, explains how she cheated death, found her true purpose, and why nothing will stop her achieving her mission in life.

Emergency Zen – Delete a Decade and Wake Up Happy

Reconnect with your passion, purpose and pleasure; find out what is holding you back, sharpen your instincts and wake up your senses. This workshop will enable you to tap into dormant levels of happiness, have serious fun, ‘wake up happy’ and see doors fly open that were previously closed.

Cultural Differences in a Globalised World - An Armchair Passport to Happiness, the Weird and Wonderful

Linda’s frontline work has taken her way off the beaten path, where she has lived amongst diverse cultures and witnessed unusual rituals and customs from polyandry and sky burials in Tibet, to an Amazonian tribe’s powerful aphrodisiac. From these experiences, Linda has learnt secrets of happiness and how to be truly content. A fascinating, fun, insightful glimpse into hidden worlds full of joy. Are you ready to experience it?

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